Commercial Property Repair

What is commercial property?

Properties used for business activities are classified as commercial premises.

Structures may be built originally for these purposes or converted from residential, industrial or public buildings.

When commercial premises are refurbished, the interior design is created and the conditions for the tasks involved are set in place.

Examples of Commercial Spaces Fit-Out (premises) that are mainly renovated:

  • office refurbishment (cosmetic, major)
  • decoration of banks,
  • decoration of shops,
  • decoration of hotels and hotels,
  • decoration of cafes, bars and restaurants,
  • decoration of cinemas,
  • finishing beauty salons.

Features of commercial property refurbishment

As with residential refurbishment, the decoration of commercial premises (properties) consists of similar stages and types of work.

Work on these finishes and alterations are large, expensive projects. Apart from finishing work, zoning works, laying of cables and pipes, installation of special equipment will be required.

From repair work in the flat, this type of service is different in that the repair of commercial real estate (premises) price is higher. But there are a number of factors that allow you to save money by simplifying and optimizing the interior design. At the initial stage of cooperation with a representative of the contractor's object is studied, a design project is developed, estimates are made.

Stages of work on commercial premises

Before the start of repair of commercial real estate (premises) on a turnkey basis the object is released from furniture, technical facilities. If the property is planned to use in the future, resolved issues, transportation, storage. With the dismantling of finishing materials must take care of the removal of construction waste from commercial real estate. If using the services of a construction company, transport service is included in the list of works.

The order of the renovation of the premises:

  1. Redevelopment.
  2. Demolish redundant partitions and build new plasterboard partitions, either blank or semi-open. This is necessary in order to divide the space into working, reception and managerial areas. Storage rooms, utility rooms and other rooms are built.
  3. Cable mounting,
  4. Installation of appliances, ensuring rational and even lighting.
  5. Replacement of plumbing and pipework in commercial premises.
  6. Smoothing walls, ceilings, floors.
  7. After roughing, it is important to allow putty and screed to settle for further processing.
  8. Installation of door and window constructions.
  9. Finishing.

Work begins with the ceilings and gradually descends to the floors. The peculiarities of each type of commercial premises shall be taken into consideration. Finishing works for offices, restaurants and shops are different. In some areas, hard-wearing tile flooring is recommended, while in others, parquet or laminate flooring is recommended. When finishing walls and laying floors in kitchens, the typical humidity of such rooms is taken into account, and when choosing doors for shops, a safety margin is calculated, etc.

What work is included in commercial property refurbishment?

The list has a dozen and a half items, but this does not mean that all will be required during the repair work.

The client and contractor coordinate and approve the list at the stage of planning of cooperation. The final price of the turnkey renovation of the commercial premises depends on the list of ordered services.

Types of repair work:

  • dismantling;
  • construction of walls, partitions, loggias;
  • insulation;
  • plastering: primary, finishing;
  • priming, filling, painting;
  • wallpapering;
  • carpentry;
  • tiling;
  • laying parquet, laminate, linoleum;
  • plumbing;
  • welding;
  • heating installation;
  • wiring;
  • ventilation assembly.

In addition, when repairing commercial property in Perth, transport, loading services will be needed.

How does the process work?

Finishing walls is the final straightforward part of renovation work. In order for the decorative material to last a long time, the surface must be properly prepared for the finishing work. The preparation steps will depend on the material of the walls or partition walls. So, partition walls made of plasterboard do not need to be levelled, and walls made of concrete need to be thoroughly sanded. In this article, we will look at surface preparation before painting, as this type of finish is the most economical and popular today. First, the walls must be levelled. Even if you think that the wall is perfectly even, if you run your hand over the surface, you can feel the cracks and roughness.

The flatter the wall, the better the paint will adhere to it. The paint also "reveals" any small irregularities on the surface. The wall can be levelled using plaster, plasterboard or a grinder. Before levelling, the old coating must be removed. The next step is to putty the walls. A surface without putty has a porous structure and absorbs moisture, which negatively affects the durability of the decorative coating. After the putty has dried, the surface must be sanded, dusted and primed.

After all these procedures, the paint can be applied.

What are the risks of doing it yourself?

Lack of experience, which relies on the heads of firms that decide to order economical repair of commercial premises in Moscow, not using the services of professionals, leads to high costs. If it comes brigade randomly assembled masters, it is not an organization that has tools, transport, support designers. Such contractors offer no guarantees.

Without a work plan, there will be an increase in the cost of construction materials, falling behind schedule, which will affect the cost of repair work in the commercial premises (real estate). If the choice of materials prioritises cheap paints, plastics, fillers and other things, the repairs will not last.

To avoid this, it is important to use the services of construction companies that professionally carry out repair work.

Contact Project Interiors WA to call in a professional.

  • Maximum account of personal peculiarities of client.
  • They use the budget so that in the end to get a comfortable cozy room for the amount available.
  • They work with premises of big and small area, we can inexpensively repair object completely or its part.
  • A company renovates properties in any condition, both new build and refurbished.
  • Working with us includes the preparation of several layouts, from which you choose the final version. Professional architects, builders, finishers and other professionals (members of our team) are involved in the realisation of your ideas from the moment the contract is signed until the handover of the completed property.
  • They know how to work with any materials: from modern innovative materials to the often used traditional ones.
  • These people solve the full range of tasks that can take place when decorating and preparing for it - from the selection and purchase of building materials before work begins, to the installation of stretch ceilings at the end.

When planning a renovation, the easiest solution is to request a free measurement of the room. Our specialist will draw up a preliminary estimate and answer basic questions. You will then be able to assess whether you like our offer and decide whether to contact us to carry out modifications in your case!

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