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Fun DIY Projects With Synthetic Grass!

You have probably seen synthetic grass while watching sports, it looks pretty real, doesn't it? Really, it's better than the real thing in many respects, it doesn't require much maintenance, no fertilizer, no watering, no mowing, you just roll it out and you have a nice, grass-ish field! It is truly an unnatural wonder!

You don't have to own a football pitch or a public playground to make use of this amazing product, there are plenty of other uses for it around the home! If you like our suggestions, just ring up your local synthetic grass suppliers and they will come roll out the green carpet for you! It's so easy, and it looks fantastic!

The following are some fun DIY projects you can do with synthetic grass!

Disguising Unsightly Yard Features - Are you tired of looking at those dingy old bins lined along the side of the house? Put a fence around them and cover it with synthetic grass to transform them into a lovely hedge! What about that compost pile in the back of your garden, yuck, am I right? Do the same thing and voila! You have another hedge! These unsightly features are going to look a lot better disguised behind grassy green, but unfortunately, they will still smell bad.

Ute Tray Liner - Sure, aluminium looks sharp and is so easy to clean, but why stop there when you can turn the back of your ute into a delightful green space? Synthetic grass is durable and easy to replace, so line the tray with it, sides and bottom to create a soft, non-slip artificial surface for whatever gear you want to haul in your trusty ute! For that matter, why stop there? Just line the entire vehicle with it to make a green machine that will really stand out on the highway, but provide perfect camouflage when you park in a grassy field!

Home Arts & Crafts - When it comes to fun things to do with synthetic grass, the ground is not the limit! You can make fun 'grass' placemats for the backyard picnic table, or just cover the entire thing in the stuff, table, benches and all to create an eating space that blends into its surroundings perfectly! Hopefully, you will be able to find it when it's time to serve up those burgers! While you are at it, why not cover all the lawn furniture with synthetic grass? People like to sit on the grass, so who wouldn't want to sit on a lawn chair made of lawn, right? Who wouldn't like that? Now let's go inside and see what we can green up in there...

Kid's Play Surfaces - Synthetic grass is the perfect material for kids to play on, it's tough, easy to clean, and doesn't show a stain much- even bloodstains just look like the grass has dried out a bit! This wonderful material makes a great playground surface, you can put it under the trampoline or kiddy pool and never worry about it dying from lack of light!

The Australian Government has no comment for a change, but here are this year's rugby predictions, those guys love the stuff! Enjoy your synthetic grass lifestyle!

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