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Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre Ventures into Cambodian Market with New Expansion

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 18 September 2023 - Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre (EHDR) is delighted to announce the news of its venture into the Cambodian market to bridge critical data recovery needs. This exciting development comes as a result of a strategic collaboration with Grep Tech (Cambodia) Co. Ltd.

The company has observed a notable trend where international clients often reach out to its Singapore headquarters due to a lack of service providers offering comprehensive data recovery expertise. Some of these clients also expressed frustration from prior unsuccessful data recovery attempts. Leveraging its extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise, Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre made the decision to venture into the Cambodian market to deliver effective solutions to those in need.

Through this collaboration, Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre aims to provide tailor-made data recovery services to the Cambodian market. Moreover, this expansion into new markets will expose the company's technical teams to a wide spectrum of scenarios and challenges, providing them with an opportunity to enhance their skills and delve deeper into their studies.

Established in 2015, Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre is a leading data recovery expert that specialises in range of data recovery services in Singapore – including USB thumb drive data recovery, mobile phone data recovery, hard disk repair and more. The company also has plans to expand into the realms of forensic and cybersecurity services. Drawing upon their profound expertise in data management, all recovery procedures will be meticulously conducted on-site, ensuring that customers may have peace of mind knowing that their data remains protected and confidential.

With a core focus to extend top-tier data recovery services to the Cambodian market, this expansion seeks to address the unique challenges faced by clients. The new service centre for data recovery will be conveniently situated on the grounds of Grep Tech (Cambodia).

For more information, please visit https://www.3verhigher.com/.

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