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Ball Brilliance: Why Kids Love Training At Home

The driveway basketball hoop is ubiquitous to Aussie homes. Yes, all the way across the country you will see these essential training aids nailed into the boards above the garage door and facing out toward the street. It’s a neighbour’s worst nightmare, with the constant thud of a ball bouncing and crashing into the backboard doing no favours for a Sunday hangover.

But the kids love it, and at the end of the day that’s what’s most important!

After all, in this modern world where children have more online access than us parents, it’s important for them to enjoy sports anywhere they get the opportunity. This is what your neighbour (who looks like they’ve been on a three-day bender) needs to understand.

Yes, the young guns need to be out, about and away from their phones wherever they can. Thankfully, kids across Australia still love playing ball, and for this reason the ubiquitous driveway hoop ain’t going nowhere any time soon.

Here are a few reasons why picking up the best basketball gear for kids was and continues to be a great idea:

  1. At-home training elevates their game

If your kid loves to play then they probably love training at home. Not only does it give them something fun to do away from the screen but it also helps elevate their game. If they can see themselves playing in the NBL or going even further to The States one day then they are going to love training at home.

Sure, training with the local club is the ultimate way to work on their team game. But training at-home also provides a stellar opportunity to work on their fundamentals, something which is absolutely imperative for taking to a match situation. They have more opportunity to work on their shooting in the driveway than they do at their local club, not to mention their dribbling ability.

  1. They can practise with their mates

One of the best ways for youngsters to socialise is to play a sport at-home or at the local park. After all, kids, like most of us adults, are always tempted by the allure of mucking around on our phones even in social situations.

Therefore, this is easily one of the best ways to keep them off the screens when they’re hanging out with their mates. Whether they’re playing a little two v two, or having a shooting comp, keeping fit and active is important even in childhood!

  1. It’s fun to practise at-home!

Because they need a little variety in their weekends. Sure, they might have a range of other hobbies like music, reading or video games, but playing sports is easily one of the funnest ways to pass a couple of hours at-home. This is especially when they’ve got their mates around and enjoying a little healthy competition.

We all remember the times when we took on our friends in basketball, Aussie rules, backyard cricket and other sports. Well, no doubt your kids love having their mates around to play sports, too, and it’s just another great way to practise their game!

  1. It gets them out of other chores

Most students don’t want to do their homework. And if they do want to do some of their homework, they definitely don’t want to do the homework from the class they don’t actually enjoy. Therefore, a little basketball practice is a healthy way to procrastinate and refocus before they actually do get in and finish their homework.

This might sound like a bad thing, but exercising is a great way to free up the mind and refresh one’s focus - something which is great for youngsters struggling to get through tonight’s maths textbook work!

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