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Date Night: The Best Bars in Sydney, Australia

There's an art to it when it comes to finding a romantic date night spot in Sydney. At the very least, it should be cozy and quiet, with a secluded booth or corner to retreat to. Fortunately for you, research has shown some of the top wine and cocktail bars in the area to ensure that your date goes off without a hitch, with seamless service and a great wine list.

The best casinos also offer cocktails to their customers, so you can be sure to stop by with your date to play some games and have a few drinks, or better still visit the best online casino for more fun. These are some of the bars to book for a date night when it's time to turn up the heat.

Continental Deli Bar Bistro in Newtown

When talking about the best beverages, and the best service, continental is the goal. You can never go wrong with an excellent cut of meat. For the most part, you'll be scouting out your potential spouse on the continental.


Ode, a beautiful Italian wine bar, is the perfect place for a date because it's so close to the action. The flattering light plus the fact that they have wine on tap make a night here a guaranteed prescription for romance. It's the perfect antidote to a bone-chilling coastal breeze.


Hacienda, a waterfront restaurant, is the perfect place for a date night. Plants and pastels abound to match the tropical-themed cocktails inspired by 1950s Miami architecture and Cuban architecture. You can take advantage of the sunset to get the best possible view of the Harbor Bridge and the sun setting behind it.


Wyno, a hidden gem in Surry Hills, is a popular wine bar, so you'll want to book ahead there if you want a table. This is the place to go for those looking for the same laid-back ambiance and whimsical menu as the Porteno brothers. After the date, you can stop by the wine shop in the back and buy the bottle you shared as a souvenir.

Grandma’s Bar

Make no mistake about it, for those looking for a place to loosen up and enjoy some excellent food and drinks in an urban neighborhood, this is the place to go. And it's got the right feel. It's a superb place to bring a date for tropical cocktails and cheese jaffles. Also, the menu here is rum-heavy.

The Lobo

Julio Lobo, a Cuban sugar mogul, was the inspiration for the name of this rum tavern located beneath Clarence street. A jumble of flamingo tiles, rattan seats, banana palms, and crumbling patina surfaces creates an authentically aged Cuban vibe. But the bartenders are the main draw – they work meticulously.

Crown Lane in Darlinghurst, Sydney

To get the most of your date night, make a reservation at this secluded Paddington terrace bar, which features a wine list that doubles nicely as a conversation starter. With your date and a bottle of red or a glass of something new, you both can unwind. Allow room for the luscious, frothy tiramisu to take center stage, the best dessert for a dating night.

Everyone knows that dates, especially the first ones, aren't always straightforward. However, choose a venue where the atmosphere is paramount, has great beverages, delectable appetizers, and attentive service. It's never a bad idea to include things like spectacular views, drag performances, or notable landmarks in your plans.

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