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Can A Water Feature Add Value To Your Home?

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Water features are tremendously popular for a myriad of reasons. They can attract insects and other wildlife to your garden and contribute to the joy of simply enjoying the natural world, they can provide a feature to be populated with various types of ornamental fish - and the sound of running or even still waters can aid in stress relief. However, many homeowners want to know if a water feature can add value to their property. You can visit http://www.rossnorthhomes.com.au/house-and-land/ for your house and land packages that suit your lifestyle.

Value is a tricky concept. The sheer enjoyment of the water feature and its reflection of personal taste has a value, however, there can also be an argument made about the financial value add. Although the jury is still out on whether a water feature will add to the sales price of the home, many real estate agents have noted that homes with water features tend to be on the market for less time than others, in part because they motivate potential buyers to linger longer when viewing the home due to the aesthetic appeal of a water feature. So in terms of the time value of money, a water feature is certainly a good investment.

If you are considering installing a water feature in your home then here are some ideas that have proven popular with homeowners. 

  1. The Pond.

This is by far the most popular type of water feature. It is ideal for those who want to appreciate the beauty and soothing nature of water. Of course, a pond can also be populated with a variety of fish species - with Koi being the first choice for many. Ponds can also feature a variety of aquatic plant life for a more natural look. If you’d like to know more about solar water pumps and water features, visit https://pondmax.com.au/blogs/news/solar-pumps-for-ponds-and-water-features

  1. Waterfalls. 

Although stand-alone ponds are incredibly popular combining a pond with the cascading water supplied by a waterfall can further increase its appeal. Depending on the size of the waterfall they can be installed relatively cheaply. The availability of lightweight artificial stone rock formations (often made from fibreglass) can make setting up a waterfall an easy DIY [rojecct. These hollow formations also make it simpler to conceal equipment such as pumps. The cascading water also aerates the water in the pond making it a healthier environment for the growth of both plants and fish. 

  1. Water Blades.

For those in search of a more contemporary execution of the water feature, the water blade can be an attractive option. The water is supplied over a metallic blade that provides a continuous 'water curtain' effect. This water is then captured in a reservoir and recirculated. These can be tremendously attractive when they are incorporated into garden walls. 

  1. Fountains.

The use of fountains to beautify a garden space is hundreds, if not thousands of years old. Fountains are perfect for gardens where there may be limited space and they are available in some different designs - from the classic to the ultra-modern. They supply an attractive focal point to every garden and the sound of running and tumbling water is very relaxing. They can also be incorporated into ponds or even birdbaths. 

A water feature may not significantly add to the monetary value of the home. However, they can add to the general attractiveness of the garden - and a well maintained and aesthetically pleasing garden adds value. However, the greatest value may come from the simple joy of having a garden feature that calms and soothes - something that is increasingly necessary in these ever more stressful times. 

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