Tips for Dismantling a Bed Frame When Moving House

Typically, a moving process is stressful, and this stress can be compounded further when moving a bed frame. Many people do not bother moving bed frames because of the stress involved, especially when organizing a do-it-yourself move. Those who move bed frames hire furniture movers to help avoid the stress involved.

However, it is pretty rewarding knowing how to move bed frames properly to avoid sustaining injuries during moving. This article will highlight how to move bed frames, the advantages and disadvantages of moving bed frames, and more.

Reasons to Move Bed Frames

There are specific reasons people choose to move their bed frames. These reasons are:

  1. Distance: distance is a primary factor that determines why people choose to move or not move their bed frame. many move bed frames when moving within a state or short distance.

  2. Size: if the size of the bed frames is such that they can be easily transported, then it makes sense to move, but if it is too large and bulky to move. Then it is advisable not to move as it might not fit your new home.

  3. Condition: it is not ideal for moving a worn-out bed frame, but if the frame is in good condition, then you can move it.

  4. Sentimental value: many choose to move their bed frames because of their sentimental value.

Benefits of Moving a Bed Frame

Many choose to move their bed frames because of the benefits associated with the move. These benefits include:

  1. It saves time from shopping for a new bed frame.

  2. Saves the cost of having to buy a new bed frame.

  3. It helps in overcoming relocation anxiety.

  4. The comfort of sleeping in a bed you are used to.

Drawbacks of Moving a Bed Frame

After knowing the benefits, it is ideal to know the demerits of moving bed frames. These demerits are:

  1. Moving costs are relatively high.

  2. The time it takes to disassemble and reassemble a bed frame during and after the move.

Steps to Disassembling Bed Frames for A Move

There is a specific guide to help you move your bed frames without sustaining any injury. This guide consists of the steps to aid you when disassembling bed frames. These steps include:

  1. Removing the bedding: take the time to pack all beddings and bedding accessories safely in a large packing box and seal bags. The seal bags should be used to pack extra voluminous bedding because these bags are believed to shrink items’ volume by 20%.

  2. Removing mattress: depending on the mattress’s size, have someone help you when removing the mattress from the bed frame. Use a mattress packing bag to protect the mattress from dust, water, and other damaging elements during the moving process.

  3. Remove the drawers: take out the drawers from the bed frame. If the drawers’ content is non-breakable, leave them in the drawer and secure them by stretch-wrapping the drawers.

  4. Take off headboards and sideboards: some bed frames have headboards and sideboards fastened together using bolts or screws. After taking off the headboards and sideboards, protect them using furniture blankets. Other fragile bed components can be protected using bubble wraps before using a moving blanket.

  5. Store small bed components: during the disassembly process, you will have small bed components like bolts, screws, and more. Ensure to store this component in a small seal bag.

If you are wishing to perform a DIY house move, you’ll need to rent a moving truck. DIY moving professionals like Rent It Truck Hire supply all manner of hire vehicles such as 3 tonne pantech trucks, vans, utes and trailers.


Moving bed frames is made easy after disassembling the bed frames, and this article has highlighted some tips for safely disassembling bed frames.

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