Things to Do and Places to Visit in the Daintree Rainforest

The word ‘rainforest’ often draws people’s gazes towards South Africa with the Amazon the primary focus. However, turning one’s gaze towards Australia, one discovers another rainforest waiting for exploration.

Daintree Rainforest is a unique rainforest with its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, offering a special occasion to explore the wonders of the land and dive into the sea. With the rainforest covering so much of Queensland’s eastern coast, this article offers a glance of Daintree's northern region, a roadmap of what individuals can see and do at this unique location.

Cape Tribulation

At the far north of the Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation caters to adventurers of the land and exploration of the sea.

Cape Trib Beach House is a place to stay with it being the first accommodation in the area, established originally as “Pilgrim Sands” back in 1977. Other accommodations include eco-retreats, bed and breakfasts (B&Bs), holiday houses, farm stays, and camping ground.

Adventurers on the land can transverse on self-guided or guided forest walks with two interpretive walks. Bubua boardwalk is a 1.8 km adventure through the forest and mangroves. For those exploring the Daintree coastal forest, the Madja Botanical walk is another option.

Along the coast, visitors can spend half a day at the reef while having the ability to enjoy the local supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants within walking distance.

Thornton Beach

Traveling south of Cape Tribulation lies Thornton Beach, home to one of the richest mangrove systems in the area. The area also hosts fruit orchards and teaming farming.

Off the coast is Stuck Rock, offering a picture taking moment with Struck Reef not too far away for those seeking an ocean adventure. Travelers have access to car parking and picnic areas with the Hutchinson Creek known for it being a great swimming location.

Two in One: Diwan & Cow Bay

Due to the area's proximity, Diwan and Cow Bay offer visitors the opportunity to visit the RACQ Deport and the Discovery center, offering glimpses into the local area’s history and ecology.

One of the features of Diwan is it is home to the smallest of the kangaroo family, the Musky Rat Kangaroo.

Cow Bay possesses three secluded bays, ideal locations to beach walk, relax, swim, snorkel, and fish.

Accommodations for both Diwan & Cow Bay include resorts, backpackers, holiday houses, B&Bs, and places to pitch up a tent for the night.

Daintree Village

A settlement created in the 1870s, Daintree Village endures with tropical fruit farming and low-impact tourism, set in the inland part of the rainforest.

Activities in Daintree include scenic drives to explore upper Daintree and Stewart Creek, and Douglas Creek. The local river hosts native estuarine crocodiles, which can be seen safely from river cruises. Bird watching, depending on the season, is a renowned activity in the area.

Daintree forest accommodation includes B&Bs, retreats, farm stays, budget cabins, and a famous spa resort. These accommodations are nestled among the restaurants and artists’ studios, such as a unique timber gallery, in the area. Souvenirs are locally created while visitors can enjoy the picnic areas that are open to the public.

Roadmap summary

Daintree Rainforest’s northern section scratches the surface of its full wonders. Thornton Beach offers visitors a day trip to the sea side while the other locations of Cape Tribulation, Diwan and Cow Bay are locations for longer visits due to their accommodations and extracurricular activities. Daintree Village is perhaps the hidden treasure of the roadmap with its birdwatching and deep rooted history in the area.

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