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How Can A Lawyer Help With My Car Accident Claim?

If you have met with an accident recently, and the driver is at fault, then hiring a solicitor is the most practical decision. Though some victims afford to bear the hospital expenses, many fail to do the same. In that case, claiming the money for the damage becomes an option. 

But do you think the process is as simple as signing a damage claim form and getting the claimed money? The answer is no. Usually, the damage claim cases are more complicated than you can think. Without proving to the court that there are liable parties responsible for the accident you cannot claim a single penny from anyone. That is why hiring a solicitor becomes the only available option. 

But how can a solicitor help you? You can find that out below. 

Why A Solicitor Is Helpful In Car Accident Case?

Once you file for a case of personal injury in Lawyers Perth, they will provide you with all the legal options available after reviewing the case merit. However, you cannot get the claimed money overnight. Only a professional and skilled solicitor can help you get the money by doing the following things: 

  • Investigating The Contributing Factors

Once you file a case, claiming the money for the damage, your solicitors will review the case’s potential. If the case of the accident seems clear, they look for all the contributing factors that may have caused the accident. For example, bad road conditions, intoxication, road signal problems, vehicle malfunction, disobeying driving rules, etc., can contribute to a car accident case. They can also consider working with an accident reconstruction specialist to get a clear insight into what might have happened before or after the accident.

In case of a car accident, your solicitors also look for the people who may have directly or indirectly caused the accident. For example,

  1. If the driver who caused the accident had been intoxicated or not. If that is the case, the bar or restaurant authority may be held liable for the accident. Therefore, you can claim money for your loss from them as well.
  2. If the driver who caused the accident drives a commercial car, the employer can be held responsible. 

These are a few factors that only your solicitors can investigate. 

  • Negotiate With The Insurance Company

Usually, the driver’s insurance company bears the compensation in a car accident case. But if you think the insurance company will not raise a single argument and provide you with the claimed money right after filing the case, think again. They have experts who will do everything in their power to negotiate the amount of money to maintain the profit margin. Only hiring a solicitor can help you to deal with this problem. Since they know the negotiation process, they will be able to provide you with the money for the damage.  

  • Deal With the Hospital Expenses

Hospital expenses are one of the biggest problematic factors in car accidents. The hospital bill is huge, and bearing it is not possible for most people. If you file a case of a car accident in Lawyer Perth, the solicitors will take care of your hospital bill while you can focus on recovering from the injuries. 

Not only that, but they will also handle the debt collectors and hospital authority if any money-related problem occurs.  

  • Help To Take The Right Decision

When you hire a solicitor to handle your car accident case in court, they will give you a briefing on all the recent progress while the case continues in court. Take, for instance, if the liable parties do not want to own up to their mistake or want to negotiate the claimed money, your solicitor can handle that. 

If you do not hire a lawyer and try to handle the situation by yourself, you will not be able to get the money you deserve for the damage. But if they provide you with all the information and progress regarding your case, you can make the right decision. By providing you with the information, your solicitor can also help you to understand the situation, helping you to decide what should be the next course of action.


If you meet with a car accident, there are things to take care, the hospital bill, mental health, physical recovery, and most importantly, the court case to claim money from the responsible party. None of it is easy if you try to handle it alone. As a result, you will feel devastated seeing that you cannot manage your hospital bills and the court case. Moreover, the liable party does not pay the claimed money by using the opportunity. 

However, hiring a solicitor can ease your burden a lot. They can not only take care of the court case but handle the hospital bills too. So, if you have met with an accident recently, consider the benefits of hiring a solicitor and helping yourself. 

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