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Bathroom Tile Trends For 2022

Remodelling or renovating your bathroom or other living areas is one of the most spectacular methods to improve the look and appeal of your home. However, whether you've hired a professional or are doing it yourself, preparing a sound plan for a bathroom renovation can be complicated at times. It might be difficult to make a final selection for tile floors or walls because there are so many different shapes, styles and colours of tiles on the market.

Bathroom tiles are nothing new in the world of interior design. Tiles are still the ideal choice for bathroom upgrading after all these years since they are very useful and adaptable. Tiles require minimal maintenance in terms of care, as well as being extremely durable and water-resistant. They are quite fashionable these days due to their aesthetic value and design possibilities. The following is the list of bathroom tile trends that can come in handy for your project.

  • Matte Finished Tiles

The popularity of matte finish tiles for the bathroom is rapidly expanding. They have a delicate yet strong appearance that can improve the overall design of your bathroom. The matte finish is extremely stylish and attractive, giving the floors or walls a smooth and low-sheen appearance. These matte finish tiles are simple to keep clean as well.

  • Dimensional Wall and Floor Tiles

Tile patterns and colours aren't the only things that are getting more and more varied. Their forms are also evolving with dimensional tiles being one of the most recent bathroom tile ideas for 2022. Geometric shaped tiles for bathroom walls and floors are now available in a variety of shapes. The hexagonal form is the most common dimensional tile shape, and it's a classic aesthetic that's making a comeback.

  • Marble Stones

Natural components, especially those in the bathroom, always look great in any area of the house. Marble and stonework are back in trend in the world of bathroom tiling this year and will continue this momentum in 2022. Mixing natural stone or marble tiles with wooden finish floor tiles is a great method to incorporate them into your bathroom tile design.

  • Graphic Patterns with Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles, whether used for the floor or the walls, may be a terrific addition to your bathroom. Ceramic flooring and ceramic wall tiles remain one of the most popular bathroom tile trends for 2022 due to their versatility in design and function. You may give your bathroom a distinctive design and individualised character with graphic patterned patterns and bigger ceramic tile planks that represent the comfort and beauty of your own house.

  • Inky Blue Wall Tiles

Blue bathroom walls may provide a soothing, relaxing effect. Though it’s used to be one of the most popular colours for bathroom interior design, it has recently loosed its sheen. The indigo, on the other hand, is back with a vengeance. Blue in various colours and tints may give your bathroom a fashionable edge that has a lovely impression.

  • Industrial Metal Edging

A metallic sheen or finish is always in trend, and now your bathroom tiles may have it as well. When upgrading your bathroom, this might be one of the most exciting bathroom tile ideas you can choose. Metallic is bright and sparkling, giving your bathroom an extremely stylish but edgy makeover. Metallic tiles will not only update your area but will also complement neutral colour tile floors.

  • Wooden Effect Tiles

Wooden plank tiles have recently become very popular for bathroom flooring. They have a very attractive and classy appearance and can be used in a variety of settings. To acquire the right look for your bathroom flooring, you can easily change the size of wood effect tiles. Although they have the appearance of wood, these tiles are more water-resistant and durable than wood flooring. Grain effects are also available on some, which can help to highlight the organic feel of wood.


It might be difficult to choose the correct tiles for your bathroom. There's a lot to choose from. Just like remodelling your shower, bathroom tiles play an important role in setting the tone of the bathroom. You must pick right the colour, finish and form of the item, as well as the material. Hopefully, the above-mentioned bathroom design trends for 2022 will assist you in determining which tiles will look best on your bathroom floor or walls.

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