Why Is It Important to Reward Yourself After Working Hard?

We often get rewards after getting good grades at school or finishing house chores when we were kids. And as you may know, the more time and energy you spend, the better the reward. Rewarding is one of the best techniques to get things done. And that's why adults use it to encourage kids to always give their best.

But did you know that you can still get rewards even though you are an adult already? The only difference is that you will be the one to reward yourself. Rewarding yourself for working hard is important. Here's why.

It makes you feel good and pushes you more.

Let's put it this way; humans train dogs by giving them treats, a.k.a. rewards. And we're just the same. Wetrain ourselvesby giving rewarding ourselves wethingswe like or enjoy. Giving yourself these"treats"can improve your mood, making you happier.

It doesn't matter what reward you choose. You can give treat yourself to a spa day, a new haircut, a new bag, a weeklong vacation, or anything you like. Rewards are something that will make you feel good about yourself, knowing that you deserve them for being such a hard worker.

Our brain releases a happy chemical known as dopamine when we feel good. This hormone is responsible for making you happy as it boosts your mood straight away. As a result, the happiness you're feeling pushes you to work harder. You look forward to doing your tasks to reward yourself again in the future.

Rewards are positive reinforcements.

Some people work for the wrong reasons. For example, a worker only does his job so his boss won't get mad at him, or just for the sake of getting things done. If this is your habit, change it right away, this isn't the proper method to keep yourself motivated in doing great things.

Rewards work are positive reinforcements. In other terms, they encourage you to do your job happily. You don't feel pressured, you're not cramming, and you're not feeling stressed in doing your work because you LOVE it.

When your positive behavior results in a favorable outcome, you will most likely repeat that behavior. And that is what we call positive reinforcement. However, it's essential to choose the right rewards. You don't want to receive a reward that promotes positive reinforcement.

For instance, if your work is all about providingyacht interior cleaning services, you can reward yourself with a barbecue stick sold by the dock and a few cans of beer with your work partner after a whole week of hard work. If you do this, you will feel more excited to work on the following week, as you know that by the weekend, you can have another chill night with your pal.

Reward yourself because you deserve it.

The most crucial reason why rewards are important is simple;"You deserve it."You have spent more than 8 hours at work every single day for the past two weeks so you can finish a big project. And now that it's all done, you can finally give yourself some time to relax.

Don't ever feel bad about rewarding yourself because you deserve it. If you've worked hard for the things you want to accomplish and you put in the effort to achieve them, you must reward yourself.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This principle is very true- when all you do is work, work, and work more, you will eventually become bored with your life. You will not have the drive to smile while working, and you will not feel happy in general. As a result, you mightsuffer burnout.

Ways to Reward Yourself

When choosing a reward, it's important to pick a treat that matches the goal you accomplished. As mentioned earlier, the more energy spent, the bigger the prize. You can reward yourself with the following treats:

  • * Buy yourself something you like (bag, shoes, watch, etc.)

  • * Eat something delicious.

  • * Buy a movie ticket and watch it with your favorite snacks.

  • * Go on a shopping spree!

  • * Spend the whole day at the spa.

  • * Go on a vacation with your friends.

  • * Camp in your backyard.

  • * Party all-night-long.

  • * Attend a concert.

  • * Finish a book.

  • * Watch an entire season of your favorite show.

In conclusion, rewarding yourself is important to stay motivated. Without it, you may start to lose the balance of everything, making you feel sad while working. If you want to stay happy and inspired, set your goals and plan the rewards you want to give yourself after you accomplish them.

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