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Heavy Duty Shelving Can Handle The Big Loads For You

The old saying goes "A place for everything and everything in its place" and if that isn't the case in your home or office, then you probably have a big mess on your hands! Storage rarely gets the credit it deserves considering the important role it plays in our lives. Storage helps us stay organized in today's increasingly complex material goods-oriented lifestyle, saving us space and headaches as it provides a safe haven for our valuable possessions, our tools, books, knick-knacks, and so much more!

Shelving is the major component of a storage system, you need to have a place to put things on as much as you need a space to put things in! Regular shelving is strong enough for most of this, but quite often we need to store things that weigh too much for it, yet can't just be left on the floor. That's when the need to install heavy duty shelving arises, providing a safe, secure platform to keep our bowling balls, barbells, bricks and other extra heavy items! 

You may ask what exactly counts as heavy-duty shelving, and where should I put it to use? Let's take a closer look at this robust storage solution and how we can make the most of it!

Just as the name says, heavy-duty shelving is the strongest, sturdiest type of shelving available, designed to safely hold very heavy materials. This kind of shelving is generally fashioned from a powerful metal framework supporting heavy-grade plastic or wood composite shelves that can handle weights that flimsier shelving would sag under before simply collapsing, a disaster just waiting to happen! There are plenty of benefits to installing heavy-duty shelving, it provides a guarantee of durability under a wide variety of load-bearing duties and is able to withstand the constant pressure of heavy weights as well as the demands of frequent use and the wear and tear that comes with it. 

For example, in a warehouse setting heavy items come and go quickly, and that kind of repetitive use can take a toll, you need to have shelving that is robust and durable enough to handle all that stress. Warehouses are probably the biggest point of use for heavy-duty shelving, recently a 12 meter high robot was created with the ability to reach up to those highest shelves- you need to have something strong to handle the ungentle touch of a robot's claws, or things will come tumbling down!

The major draw of heavy-duty shelving is without a doubt its amazing capacity to hold heavy weights like machine parts and boxes full of nails without bowing in the middle. Wherever you want to keep things that other shelving can't handle, there is a heavy-duty solution to fit almost any space you need it in! In the home it could be that closet where you keep your sports equipment, or in the home office where you have boxes of business papers, or in the kitchen for heavy pots and pans.

If you are planning on outfitting your company's warehouse with heavy-duty shelving check the Australian Government's Safety Standards. Don't trip on that old bowling ball any more, shelve it!

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